XPS - RF Technology Division News
* Antenna diversity * Simple SPI interface * FCC/IC/ETSI certified * Sensitivity: >-109dBm * Long range: >3 miles * .08µA stand by mode * Low cost * Quick to-market solution    for 802.15.4/Zigbee
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XPS Launches RF Technology Division, Partners with RFaxis and Atmel After many years of interfacing various  RF technologies into their own end  products, XPS is pleased to announce  the launch of their own RF technology  division.  Nearly two years in the making,  XPS debuts their new technology with  several innovative RF products including  the soon to be released long range,  Zigbee compatible module, called  DivBee®.  Don’t let its postage stamp  size fool you, the DivBee® module packs  enough power and amazing reception  capabilities through its dual (diversity)  antennas for even the most demanding  environments. World-wide modular  certification means the hard part has  already been done for you!  Don’t waste  valuable time trying to integrate difficult,  and often times non-certified, RF  solutions.  Instead, let our engineering  team help you integrate the DivBee®  module into your existing or new design  today!  For more details, click here. 
RFaxis and Atmel - The Right Combination When you need the very best technology, you turn to the leaders in their field.  With its patent pending technologies, RFaxis leads  the way in next-generation wireless solutions.  Leveraging BiCMOS process in conjunction with its own innovative approach and  technology, RFaxis is home to the world's first RF Front-end Integrated Circuit (RFeIC).   Atmel has a long history of providing  robust and reliable MCU products, and their radio chips are no exception.  We are pleased to have the cooperation of both of  these companies.