Using the latest high power/high gain front-  end chip from RFaxis and Atmel’s RF MCU,  the DivBee® module offers unequalled  performance. The dual antenna diversity  provides reliable communications, even in  hostile environmental conditions. 
The Nano transceivers contain a powerful  Atmel AT86RF230 RF MCU along with a  Microchip PIC18F26K20 CPU.  Extremely  wide opertaing voltage range of 1.8v to 16v  virtually eliminates tranmission errors due  to brownouts and voltage spikes.  Example  source code, datasheets, and other details  are available.  Sensitivity: -102dBm.  Power  output: +3dBm. 
XPS provides a variety of radio control systems for UAV/UAS aircraft, as well as control systems for the R/C hobby industry.  Everything from small cars to larger turbine powered aircraft are being controlled using the XtremeLink radio control systems.
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