XPS RF Technology Division Home Page With years of experience in radio control aircraft/UAV electronics development, XPS has been the industry leader providing  cutting edge technology to entities such as NASA, law enforcement agencies, the U.S. government, Hollywood production  studios, and many others. XPS has spent the last 2 years developing long range RF transceievers, designed to be used primarily with UAV/UAS setups.   During the course of this development it became obvious that this technology can be used for many other fields.   So, a RF  Technology Division of XPS was estalblished.  The goal of this division is to develop and market consumer and industrial RF  products. Using electronics built by an ISO9001:2000 certified contractor, quality and reliability are never in question.  Over-engineered  to meet the rigorous requirements of the space program, weapons control systems, and other high demand applications,  products sold today will still be fully operational for decades to come.  Our engineering staff can provide many different solutions for your RF needs.  We specialize in data encryption, data  compression, frequency hopping, firmware development, and hardware integration.  Our products are primarily 802.15.4  based, but we can support other modulation types.  Both 2.4GHz and 900MHz products will be available.  Do you have a need for Zigbee/802.15.4 communications?  If so, let XPS help you integrate our technology into your product  line.  Using our pre-certified RF hardware means you do not need to wait on FCC/IC/ETSI testing, so your time to market can  be reduced from months/years to just weeks!  Contact us now with your development request by clicking here.  Take a look at our lastest news by clicking the NEWS link above.  We always have something new and exciting to share.
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